Some of the questions we get asked more often, answered for you here. If you do have a question and do not see it answered here, please CONTACT US, we are happy to hear from you.


Q: How long have you been in operation?

A: We are recent to the business of guided hunting, opening our doors officially in the fall of 2014. However, the owner has grown up hunting and has over fifteen years of experience hunting with those new to the sport and those who are more experienced. It is our passion to provide you with not only a successful hunt but also one that provides you memories for years to come. To learn more about us, please visit our ABOUT US page.


Q: What wildlife do you offer guided hunts for?

A: South Dakota has a world renowned reputation for pheasants, and that is our primary focus. However, the land we hunt on also supports other many other types of wildlife. In addition to pheasants we also offer guided turkey and waterfowl hunts. Please CONTACT US if you would like more information on these hunts.


Q: What kind of land will we be hunting?

A: As part of your hunting experience we will be hunting extremely well maintained and cared for pheasant habitat. You will be hunting mostly on Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) habitat in addition to switch grass, sloughs, food plots, shelter belts and row crops.


Q: Do you provide lodging?

A: Yes, we provide lodging in a fully-furnished house with all of the amenities you need to enjoy a comfortable stay. For your added convenience, the dog kennels are adjacent to the house allowing you access to your dogs at all times.


Q: What do I need to bring for the hunt?

A: We ask all hunters bring their own hunting clothes, guns and shells. In addition, if you have your own dogs we invite you to bring them with you. Lunch will be provided for you in the field, however you will be responsible for both breakfast and dinner arrangements. We are happy to provide recommendations of great local dining options.


Q: Can I bring my own hunting dog(s)?

A: Absolutely! If you have your own dog or dogs we invite you to bring them. In addition, we have heated kennels in an enclosed shed for you to keep your dogs. Please let us know in advance, as we have our own professionally trained dogs available to hunt with if needed. 


Q: Are meals included?

A: We will provide you with lunch in the field each day, however, you will be responsible for both breakfast and dinner. We are happy to provide you with recommendations of the area's local dining options.


Q: Do I need a South Dakota hunting license?

A: Yes, we ask each hunter come licensed for the game they intend to hunt. If you have questions about obtaining a license please visit our HUNTING IN SD page, or feel free to CONTACT US


Q: What do you do with the birds we harvest?

A: At the end of the hunt we will clean, package and freeze all of your birds for transport. 


Q: What level of skilled hunter can you accommodate?

A: We love our job for many reasons, one of these reasons is that it allows us to work with hunters of all types. We have guided hunters on their first experience pheasant hunting and we have also guided hunters that are seasoned veterans. We strive to provide a professional service that is tailored to your skill level, ensuring you leave both successful in the hunt and also with long-lasting memories of the experience.